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Autotask Workplace (Formerly Soonr)


Autotask Workplace (formerly Soonr) is a complete, secure, HIPAA compliant file sharing and collaboration solution that enables your team members to safely access, manage, organize and share files anywhere from any device. It enables productivity by allowing individuals or teams to work on any documents or digital content – from their device – in real time, without fear of security breaches.  Autotask Workplace also gives employees built-in security controls that can be set up based on how they need to share information with team members.


Why a File Sync & Sharing Solution like Autotask Workplace is Critical for Your Business

Systems Integration

It’s important that a solution integrate with your existing systems and deployments like Active Directory for user and group management and authentication; SAML 2.0 for single sign-on; Salesforce and Outlook for simple document upload and attachment; and Office 365 and Google Docs for web editing and collaboration.

Real-time, Multi-Platform Sync

The beauty of the cloud is that your entire team can stay in sync. Arguably one of the most crucial components of a powerful file sharing solution is reliable and functional sync. Look for a solution that supports both Mac and Windows, as well as file servers. Always having access to the right content, whether online or off, improves team productivity and drives the business forward.

Continuous Real-time Backup

Businesses must be prepared for computer crashes, loss or theft, and scheduled or manual backups are not sufficient. Look for a solution that provides backup of critical files and folders
in the cloud for redundancy and restoration in the event of file loss or data corruption. Backup should operate continuously in the background, typically discovering modified files within seconds, and then initiating backup.

Cloud-enable Your File Server

Company employees, virtual teams and authorized parties can securely access the files they need, when and where they need them, and changes are automatically synced across the appropriated user devices and company file servers without intervention. As a result, everyone – including mobile workers and remote offices – has access to the most current versions of files, which are securely protected, retained and archived with greater efficiency and recoverability.

No File Size Limit

A file sharing solution shouldn’t make you change how you work. Large presentations and graphic files need to be sent and sync seamlessly. Look for a solution with no file size
limitations for syncing and backup.