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  • Veterans Day 2016

    The Miller Group is extremely thankful to all of the Veterans and active duty military members. To our own Veteran employees, Stephen King, Dave Grass and Chris Austin, we hope you enjoy your much deserved day off.…

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  • 5 Ways Your Employees Might Be Putting Your Business at Risk

    Employees can be your most valuable asset — and your biggest security nightmare. Sometimes, they engage in risky behaviors without even realizing they are doing so. Taking work home, for example, might seem innocent enough,…

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  • How to Improve the Wi-Fi Signal in Your Office

    Many small and midsized businesses use wireless networks because they are easy to set up and convenient to use. However, a weak Wi-Fi signal can mean slow connection speeds and a smaller range of coverage.…

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  • Tricks That Cybercriminals Use to Scam Businesses

    Cybercriminals have stolen $3.1 billion from businesses since January 2015 — not with high-tech ransomware or stealthy spyware, but rather with low-tech emails. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refers to these attacks as…

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