Need IT Support?

IT Support


Are you in need of IT Support in St. Louis, MO?

Follow one of the following simple methods to get a service request started.

1. Create a support ticket by filling out the below form

Describe your issue:*

2. Send email to

IT Support in St. Louis MO

  • Send an email to with a description of the issue you are experiencing.
  • You will receive an email stating that a help ticket has been created in our system and an automatic alert will be sent out to our technicians notifying them of a problem.
  • Our in-house technician will respond to you by either phone or a reply email to your initial inquiry to determine a solution to your problem.
  • If you need to add more detail to your help ticket, simply respond to the confirmation email that you received previously so all the details to your issue are tracked on the same ticket.

3. Right click on The Miller Group Logo

  • IT Support in St. Louis MOOn the bottom right-hand side of your computer's taskbar (by clock) there is an arrow that will open your system tray. Inside the system tray, you will find The Miller Group's logo. Right click on the logo and select "Email Support Request".
  • A new email will open with a Subject of "Support Request". In that email, give a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and any necessary details needed to fix the issue (include attachments when necessary).
  • Similar to the help ticket option, a ticket is created in our system which is monitored by our in-house technician where he will respond to your email by either phone or by email to determine a solution.

4. Enter a help ticket through the Client Portal Login

  • IT Support in St. Louis MOIf you are a customer of The Miller Group, you have the option to receive a login to our client portal. This portal gives our clients visibility into creating help tickets, view all help tickets submitted per company, and the status of those tickets submitted.
  • If you need need a login to the portal, ask your assigned technician to set you up or create a service ticket by one of the two methods above and say "you need to be set up with a client portal login" as your description.
  • To get to the client portal login, go to:
  • Click the "Client Portal Login" button
  • Use your username and password combination to login
  • Once you successfully login, you will see options to Create a Ticket, View My Tickets, or Search All Tickets.
  • By viewing all of the tickets you have entered, you can also view the status that particular help ticket is in.

5. Give us a call!  314-822-8090

An actual human will answer your call during normal business hours.  We have a technicians in-house each day to assist you with your needs.