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With the Invoice Portal you can:

From the The Miller Group’s Invoice Portal, you can select the invoice that you wish to view in either of these two ways.

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Viewing your Open Invoices

– Click on the ‘Pay Bills’ icon located top center of the page


– Mouse over ‘Billing’ on the left column and click on ‘Open Invoices’


This will load the ‘Open Invoices’ page showing you all of the currently open invoices. You may view, comment, and pay invoices from this page.


You may choose to view an invoice by clicking on the ‘View Invoice’ link of the invoice that you wish to see. This will load a PDF of that invoice in your browser and may look similar to this. You may print this for your records.


Clicking on the ‘Comment On Invoice’ link, will allow you to conveniently ask us any questions or concerns you may have.


By clicking on the ‘Pay Selected Invoices’ button you will be brought to a page that allows you to choose a desired payment type for the invoice(s).

NOTE: You may select multiple invoices without selecting them all.


Use the drop down list to select what payment method you want to use.


We have chosen ACH (checking account) in this example. You may have the same option if allowed.

You may also choose credit card if that option is allowed.

Once you have selected the payment type that you wish to use, click the ‘Pay Now’ button. You will then get a confirmation that looks similar to this. Your payment will be applied to the invoices balance.

Pay Future

Another fantastic option available to you is the ability to paying invoice ahead of time. Instead of choosing the ‘Pay Now’ option you can select the ‘Pay Future’ option and select a date that you wish the payment to be made.

After your date has been selected it will appear in the ‘Scheduled Date’ box.

The next step is to confirm your selection by clicking the ‘ScheduledPayment’ button. At this point you will see the following information.

Congratulations! You have made/scheduled a payment on an open invoice from your personal invoice portal.

Let’s look at a couple of other features while you’re here…

Reviewing Invoice History

Mouse over ‘Billing’ and click on ‘Invoice History’.

A page of the most recent invoices paid will appear. You will find previous paid invoices in subsequent pages.

Similarly, you may navigate to ‘Billing’ + ‘Payment History’ for a report of past payments.

Payment Method Creation Instructions.

If you have not already done so, you can add a payment method through the “Payment Methods” button. On the payment methods page, click on ‘Add Credit Card’, or ‘Add ACH’ (if available).


Your chosen payment method type will appear for you to fill out and save. Once saved, you will have the option to Remove or Edit the method.


Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about the new portal at!


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