Datto Premier Partner

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Awards, Latest News |

The Miller Group is now a Datto Premier Partner.

Through this new partnership, The Miller Group will be better positioned to provide small and medium-sized businesses with affordable end-to-end data protection and recoverability.

Datto, based in Norwalk, CT, uses an innovative approach to backup and disaster recovery systems that avoid the common pitfalls of trying to recover operations from a backup set of data.

Hybrid Cloud backups create duplicate sets of data both locally in the Datto box and up in the Datto Cloud. Inverse Chain technology puts your backup on a virtual machine, ready to spool up at a moment’s notice. Datto is the only hybrid-cloud BDR/IBC vendor that provides instant on- and off-site virtualization and screenshot backup verification, serving the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.


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