Win a new computer….On a stick.

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We love technology at The Miller Group, that is a given.  When we come across something cool we try our best to share and get the word out and as a bonus, giving you the opportunity to win a new computer!

Enter Intel’s Compute StickWin a new computer Everything you need in a computer, built into a USB thumb drive.   These are great for conference rooms.  We have been using one for the last year in our conference room.  No wires, no noisy pc, nothing except a wireless keyboard and mouse on your table.

We are giving one away!  Along with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Everything you need except the TV.  (You can use a monitor as well, as long as it has a HDMI port.)

Of course, there is a catch.  We are only giving away one and in order to be in the drawing we are looking for some reviews on either Google or Facebook.

We will draw a name towards the beginning of June, please get your reviews in quickly!  Directions and links are below.  Good luck, and be kind on your review!

  The Miller Group on Google       –      Directions for leaving a Google review

The Miller Group on Facebook    –     Directions for leaving a Facebook review


Good question. We are a technology company based in Saint Louis. Geese have been known to be a bit of a nuisance around this area, so much so that we have to dodge their droppings on the way in the office door and from time to time we get chased to our cars. Plus it is just fun to say….so there is that.