Level 1 Technician

Jarrett Stover, son of long-tenured technician Stephen King, joined The Miller Group in 2017. He graduated from Festus Senior High School in 2016 and shortly after joined Jefferson College Emergency Medical Technician School. After graduating from E.M.T. School, Jarrett quickly discovered the career path wasn’t right for him and developed an interest in the information technology field. Computers were always apart of Jarrett’s life, growing up with a father who was a computer technician gave him unlimited access to evolving technology. He currently resides in Festus, MO where he dabbles in Automotive Photography in his free time.

Favorite Thing about TMG:
The advice and knowledge given by everyone. I’m always able to ask and learn new things every-day and increase my ability to help clients.

First Computer Owned:
The first computer I owned was a pre-built Dell desktop given to me by my father, Stephen King, no not the book writer but the famous computer technician. The computer contained an Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core, which at the time was a $1000.00 processor, that’s INSANE!

What’s your favorite holiday and why?
April Fools, JUST KIDDING that’s not a holiday. I fooled you, didn’t I?