Is your password weaker than you thought?

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Latest News, Security & Privacy |

Microsoft wants to help you prevent weak passwords by showing you how your weak password can easily be predicted. Straight out of Microsoft’s Research labs comes Telepathwords – a tool that is designed to predict the next character of your passwords.

“To guess the next character you’ll type, we send the characters you have already typed to query our prediction engine. The prediction engine uses a database of common passwords and phrases that is too large for us send to your computer,” Microsoft explains.

Telepathwords will dip into a database that contains common passwords which have been made public via security breaches, those that appear frequently on web pages or in common search queries, and use of sequences of adjacent keys. The tool will then predict what the next character of your password will be. If the tool detects the right letter(s), then your password is weak.

Test out the strength of your password by using Telepathwords here.







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