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Introduction to Microsoft Forms

If you have even attended one of our past live events you most likely filled out a Microsoft Form. Microsoft Forms is a great way to survey, poll, quiz, and collect feedback from your employees and customers. If you want to learn how to make a form like the one below (and so much more), fill it out and watch our live event at 12 pm on June 5th. We will also be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Deep Dive into Microsoft Teams

In this webinar we cover creating Teams and Channels, Communicating using Microsoft Teams and with how to sync files with your computer.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Have you ever wondered what Microsoft Teams is all about? You're in luck! Chad and Joe give a live demonstration of Microsoft Teams and how businesses can use it to communicate with their team. They show you the ins and outs of Teams and answer viewer questions.

Technology And Working From Home

2020 brought some unexpected surprises. Many businesses are having to figure out how to work remotely while also staying in contact. Joe and Chad list what technology is needed for remote workers to keep them online and secure. They also give advice on how to manage a remote workforce.

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Past Live Events

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Joe and Chad give a live demonstration of Microsoft Teams. They show viewers how Teams works and all the possibilities that come with it. To attend our upcoming live events click here.  Our CEO, Joe Svoboda, and our Development Manager, Chad Miller give a presentation on technology and working from home. They discuss topics such…

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World Backup Day

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March 31 is World Backup Day. I find it a bit ironic that it is the day before April Fools since it could be said that you are a fool if you are not backing up your data. What is World Backup Day? World Backup Day is a global reminder to keep your data safe…

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COVID-19 Update

The health and well being of our employees and our client’s employees is our first priority. Providing prompt, expert support is a close second. We are closely monitoring the recommendations and restrictions by our local, state and federal government on a daily basis. Starting today, March 23, 2020, Saint Louis County (where we are based)…

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