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IT Services To Keep Your Business Up and Running.

The Concept of Managed IT Services

You can’t justify a full or even part time employee to handle IT, but when you DO need support, you NEED it. Downtime from a crashed network can devastate your productivity level, costing your business time and money. A loss of data due to a virus, natural disaster or theft can be even more detrimental.

With The Miller Group’s Managed IT Services, we will act as your outsourced IT department. We proactively monitor, manage, and plan out your entire business computer network. These services include IT support, network administration, software management, and data security all at a predictable fixed fee that fits into your IT budget. Let us be your IT partner to help detect and prevent complex IT issues around security, data compliance and system downtime so you can focus on your core business.

How Do Managed IT Services Help My Business?

Flat Fee Unlimited IT Support

No matter the issue, we have the IT experts available to resolve your issues within minutes. Never worry again about what to do when your network crashes or how to recover your data. We’re here ready to serve you and your staff.

Device Monitoring & Management

Each device we support, we install an agent that provides Managed Antivirus, Web Protection, and Patching/Updating that is monitored by our IT support staff to proactively fix issues before the end user would even notice an issue.

Planning & Budget Assistance

Maintaining the ever changing IT network of a company is a large responsibility with complex requirements. We help our clients through this process by providing aid in IT spending and guaranteeing you aren’t overspending on your technology.

Security and Data Protection

Your Dedicated Network Admin will put security standards and best practices in place to ensure you are always up-to-date and protected from the increasing hacking attacks and data theft. These best practices will be reviewed and audited on a monthly basis by an IT expert.

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IT Trends To Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

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