Level 1 Technician

Zach grew up around computers with his dad being a technician at The Miller Group for 20+ years. He took a fascination in them, how they work and what you can do with them. Throughout the years he has learned from his father and older brother Nathan and has built a gaming pc of his own. Zach graduated from Festus High school in 2013 and joined the Marine Corps, following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Halfway through his training he was injured and spent 2 months in the medical platoon, returned to training, reinjured and then was discharged at 6 months. Since he has been out, he has been working on his Criminal Justice degree to hopefully pursue becoming a police officer.

Favorite things about working at The Miller Group?

The environment, everybody here is extremely friendly, and helpful about anything that you may need.

The first computer you ever owned?

It is the same computer I still own today, it was a basic PC my Dad built for us, since then I have completely upgraded it twice over and the only part from the original build that is left is the Hard drive.

Favorite subject in school?

History, I always loved learning about the past and knowing what led of to what life is like today.

Favorite superhero?

Batman, because although some people wouldn’t consider him a superhero, he has on many occasions  has done the impossible and overcome great challenges.

Favorite holiday?

Independence Day, because you are around family, good food, fun, fireworks. Also of what the day represents.