When it comes to simple security measures, why leave the door open for cybercriminals? Take our quick security self-assessment quiz below to see how your company rates. 

Do you and your employee know how to identify cyber threats?

Do you have antivirus and web protection for every device on your network?

Does your company have a plan for cybersecurity threats?

Do old user accounts and vendor accounts still exist on your server?

If so, do they still have access to your network?

Do you have a complex password policy that requires password change every few months?

Does your company have a local and offsite back up?

Can your employees work from anywhere as if they were at work?

Do your employees remotely log into their work computer from home?

If so, is that connection secure from danger?


How do you score? If you answered no to any of these questions, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how to help secure your information.


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