Unlimited Cloud Backup

60 Million computers will fail in the next 12 months.

Only 1 in 4 laptops are backed up regularly.

How Important Is Your Data?

With the looming threats of ransomware, now is the time to fully secure your organization. We can help by deploying TheDataSaver (TDS) 3.0 in your business. TDS is an enterprise grade cloud based file backup solution built for business that can help ensure your clients’ digital workplace is always protected, productivity never gets interrupted and with TDS’s automatic versioning, restoring lost files is quick and easy.

With TDS, you will be have peace of mind knowing it includes features like granular security, versioning control and file restore to help protect your business from an attack, and recover quickly when you are hit.

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Flat Fee Pricing

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Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Storage – Your data storage is unlimited billed at a flat rate every month
  • Continuous Backup – Once you change a file, it backs up immediately instead of once a day.
  • Dedicated Redundant Data Center Infrastructure – With one data center on the East Coast and West Coast, your data will always be available no matter the situation.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring – All regional data centers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Testing, Risk Assessment & Compliance – TDS’s multi-faceted approach to testing and risk assessment including penetration testing of Web, Agent, APIs, SAS/SSAE audits, HIPPA, PCI and Daily Hacker Safe updates.
  • Data Encryption & Authentication – All files handled by the TDS service are secured, both in transit and in storage, using 256-bit AES-encryption.

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