We love technology at The Miller Group, that is a given.  When we come across something cool we try our best to share and get the word out and as a bonus, giving you the opportunity to win a new computer! Enter Intel’s Compute StickWin a new computer Everything you need in a computer, built into a USB thumb drive.   These are great for conference rooms.  We have been using one for the last year in our conference room.  No wires, no noisy pc, nothing except a wireless keyboard and mouse on your table. We are giving one away!  Along with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Everything you need except the TV.  (You can use a monitor as well, as long as it has a HDMI port.) Of course, there is a catch.  We are only giving away one and in order to be in the drawing we are looking for some reviews on either Google or Facebook. We will draw a name towards the beginning of June, please get your reviews in quickly!  Directions and links are below.  Good luck, and be kind on your review!   The Miller Group on Google       –      Directions for leaving a Google review The Miller Group on Facebook    –     Directions for leaving a Facebook review

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