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Welcome to IT Services - The Miller GroupThe Miller Group! Since 1985, The Miller Group has provided full-service information technology support for small businesses just like yours. As a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Dell PartnerDirect Certified, we deliver cost effective hardware/software solutions that create a return on your technology investment. By staying connected with the current state of the technology industry, we are able to recommend the right solutions for your business. More



  • The Top 3 Issues in the Bring Your Own Device Debate

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, which allow employees to use their personal devices at work, are rapidly gaining acceptance. They seek to balance mobile security concerns with employee productivity. BYOD has been touted as the most radical change to the client computing industry in decades. While it does offer...

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  • Password Security: How Hackers Are Hacking And What You Should Be Doing About It

    Digital security has never been more important than it has been in 2014. Cyber crimes are becoming both more prolific and more devastating. In the last couple months the world learned that Russian hackers had stolen 1.2 billion unique password and user name combinations. Shortly afterward, two US supermarkets  announced they...

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  • 5 Best IT Security Practices for Your Company

    The medical, legal, and accounting industries are well known for taking the privacy of their clients seriously. However, this issue is important for nearly every type of business. In light of several recent cyber attacks, IT security has been highlighted as a vital component of any successful organization. With that...

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