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Welcome to IT Services - The Miller GroupThe Miller Group! Since 1985, The Miller Group has provided full-service information technology support for small businesses just like yours. As a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Dell PartnerDirect Certified, we deliver cost effective hardware/software solutions that create a return on your technology investment. By staying connected with the current state of the technology industry, we are able to recommend the right solutions for your business. More



  • Enabling Two Factor Authentication for Your DropBox Account

    Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification, one of which is typically a physical token, such as a card, and the other of which is typically something memorized, such as a security code. In this context, the two factors involved are sometimes...

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  • Microsoft Office 365 – Two Factor Authentication

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-powered version of Microsoft Office. In addition to the standard features, this new version of Office now offers online conferencing, file sharing, business-level email, shared calendars, and website creation. Unfortunately, since Office 365 is cloud-based, there are new security concerns that should be considered when...

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  • Enabling Two Factor Authentication for Your PayPal Account

    If someone could use your credit card online to make a purchase and just need to enter your username and password to do so, would you be a bit concerned?  Well, that is what someone can do if they have your username and password for your PayPal account. Luckily PayPal...

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