Need IT Support?

Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind at a predictable price

Have you ever contracted an hourly service that seemed affordable at the time, but later inflated into nightmare of huge bills? The Miller Group understands how surprises in your budget can cause uncertainty and stress. This is why we offer a flat fee IT service that won’t break the bank.

Your technology, computers and servers will be completely maintained for a fixed monthly fee.

Managed Service Plan covers:

Unlimited Remote Support

Monthly On-site Visits

24/7 Monitoring

Server Support

Managed Antivirus

Patch Management

Data Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery Planning

Flat Fee IT Service

Hosted Solutions

Help Desk

Asset Warranty Reporting

Identify Computer/Network Issues Before They Occur

Our Managed IT Services offering covers the typical tasks, duties and responsibilities performed by an in-house IT department along with much more. When it comes to IT Managed services, The Miller Group has your business covered. From the desktops your employees use every day, to the servers and other infrastructure components that power your business and protect your valuable data, The Miller Group offers service plans guaranteed to fit both your requirements and your budget. From network monitoring to data backup, our service model is designed to be hassle-free. The Miller Group's monitoring system is a proactive, preventative approach to keeping your systems up, running and constantly available. Our Managed Service Plans simplify IT management, reduces risk and is an extremely affordable option for companies looking to enhance productivity and spend less time maintaining PCs, servers and networks. Stop troubleshooting and get back to work with The Miller Group's all-covered service that proactively monitors your systems “24/7” to prevent downtime.

Benefits of Managed Services


Less Downtime

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring of your PCs, servers, and networks. The Miller Group ensures your network is protected from viruses and other factors that lead to a decrease in efficiency.


End User Support

Unlimited Remote Support gives the end user a piece of mind when calling in for a resolution to a problem. Our clients don't have to worry about the time it takes to solve the problem, it's all included!

Affordable, Predictable Pricing

Bundle your IT support for hardware, software, networks and servers into one complete care package using our Total Care service plan. You can manage your complete IT budget with one flat monthly fee.


Increased Productivity

Less downtime, easy sharing features, increased access and tightened security. Since we charge a flat monthly fee, it’s in our best interest to ensure we get the job done right the first time. We do proactive maintenance behind the scenes to prevent identical recurring problems within your network.


Local On-site Support

Being located in the middle of the St. Louis metro area, our technicians can be on-site quickly for any emergencies along with routine maintenance and we specialize in providing personal service to small to medium businesses.


End User Satisfaction

The Miller Group will implement a proactive, instead of reactive approach to our IT service model. Each client point of contact will have full visibility into every technical issue the company is having along with the status of each service ticket.