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Managed IT Services

From the desktops your employees use every day, to the servers and other infrastructure components that power your business and protect your valuable data, The Miller Group offers Managed IT Services guaranteed to fit both your requirements and your budget.

St. Louis IT Support

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Today’s businesses require a backup solution that delivers much more than a traditional local only strategy. Given the constant risks, from all directions, it’s important for businesses to ensure that their data is protected and they can remain operational in lieu of a system disruption or unexpected downtime.

St. Louis IT Support

Migrate to Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud based platform takes services traditionally stored on a server in your office and runs them in the cloud which is accessible from anywhere, 365 days a year. Also includes a collaborative, enterprise grade email platform that allows you to share mailboxes, calendars, and contact lists. Now employees can work from any location while on the go.

St. Louis IT Support

VoIP Phone Solutions

There’s a reason why businesses large and small are switching to VoIP. Through its trusted nation-wide partner network, Cytracom offers scalable, HD-quality VoIP solutions with over 150 features. These features include a virtual assistant, voicemail-to-SMS, and powerful call management at a low flat rate. Lower your telecom costs and increase your productivity. Reason enough?

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St. Louis IT Support

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