What if I have my email hosted through The Miller Group?

How We Used To Handle Email

In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, people did not have multiple devices to read their email. The average person would check their email a few times a day from the same computer and the rest of communication was handled over the phone. There also wasn’t a demand for a spam filter because you weren’t getting the constant email solicitations cluttering up your inbox. Below are facts of what we used to offer.

  • 1GB Mailbox
  • No Spam Protection or Malware Detection
  • Issues Syncing Email & Calendars Between Multiple Devices
  • Hosted on a local server in our Data Center, no data redundancy

This type of email solution worked perfectly for that time period but now the reality is you and your employees are constantly on the go and they need their email to sync on every device. Also, a spam filter must be in place to eliminate the overbearing amount of spam that is hitting your inbox that waste time and cause security concerns for your business. If you are currently on this older version of email, you will be receiving a separate email to get you migrated over to Office 365.

office 365

How We Handle Email Now

We push our clients to stay ahead of their competition by supplying them with the most reliable and feature-rich tools that will help their employees collaborate with one another securely from any device at any location. Not only does Office 365 include a business class email with multi layered security, the entire Microsoft Office Product Suite is included in a monthly subscription. Below are what you get with Office 365.

  • 50GB Mailbox
  • Best In Class Spam & Virus Protection
  • Automatic Sync Of Email & Calendars On Every Device
  • Hosted In The Cloud And Accessible From Any Device, Anywhere
  • Most Recent Version Of Microsoft Office Products
  • 1TB Of OneDrive Cloud Storage

Clearly, Office 365 is the email and productivity solution of the future with 25 million subscriptions and will soon be the only way to get the newest version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer. There are a millions of different programs and apps on the market competing for your attention. Office 365 is a perfect example of a cloud-based platform that tailors to both the layperson and businesses with the intent to help people organize their chaotic schedules and never ending to-do lists. Click here to learn more about Office 365 or pick up the phone and give us a call at (314) 822-8090.

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